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MFCC Charity #1

December 1, 2014 - June 1, 2015

Candlelighters : Childhood Cancer Support Programs

December 1 2014 - June 1 2015


For most people, a diagnosis of cancer is an overwhelming experience, intensified when a child is involved.  Candlelighters provides a number of programs to support parents, siblings and the patients themselves as they travel the childhood cancer journey.  Please visit to learn more about their wonderful programs.


As the step-father of a young cancer survivor, Vivek Kumar has chosen the Candlelighters as Moffat Farm Cycle Clubs' first charity.  All money raised for the next six months will be donated in the name of "Refuse to Lose, Team Bryce", to honour the memory of their son's friend who battled a rare form of leukemia and passed away at the tender age of seven.  

Please take a moment to watch a powerful video about Bryce and his cause.









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