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MFCC Charity #6

January 1, 2018 -  June 30, 2018

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Hopes Rising Campaign - Queensway Carleton Hospital

 January 1 2018 - June 30, 2018

Hope Starts Here. The Queensway Carleton is West Ottawa’s Hospital For Acute Mental Health Services

Queensway Carleton Hospital has been providing inpatient, outpatient and emergency mental health services through its Mental Health Program for almost four decades. This often comes as a surprise to the people who know Queensway Carleton Hospital for its many other cornerstone health care programs.
Our Mental Health Program provides acute mental health services in west Ottawa serving a population of over 400,000. We operate a 24 bed inpatient unit as well as day treatment programs, assessments, emergency consultations, inpatient liaison and mental health outreach clinics in the Ottawa Valley.

Due to an unrelenting increase in the number of adults of all ages requiring acute mental health services, our Mental Health Program urgently needs to transform its space and the care it delivers to meet the needs of the communities we serve.

Help Us Create a Therapeutic Space That Supports Hope, Healing And Recovery.

Space used by our Mental Health Program has not had a significant physical upgrade in almost 40 years. With a steadily increasing demand for acute mental health services, it is struggling to meet demand, frequently over capacity and simply unable to provide the level of appropriate care that our community deserves.

HOPES RISING is a $5 million campaign to enhance and improve mental healthcare for a rapidly growing number of adults and families. It is a campaign inspired by the hopes of families throughout our community to enhance acute mental health services for adults of all ages. 








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