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COVID-19 Protocols & Screening

The health and safety of our community continues to be of the utmost importance so we asking the following of our members:

- Please wait until you are vaccinated until you return to class (having your first dose is fine). We would like to ensure everyone who comes into our home and studio is protected and knows everyone around them is too. 

- Please continue to wear your mask upon your arrival and departure. Once you are set up on your bike and ready to ride, you can remove your mask. 

- Please continue to maintain a 2m distance from everyone else in class. 

-We will continue to have hand sanitizer available for everyone, but please do your part and take care of your hand hygiene as often as possible. 

- We will continue to provide equipment sanitizer and recommend you wipe down your bike and weights both before and after class. 

-Please continue to do a self-screening prior to your arrival. Ottawa Public Health's screening tool is available here

-Please isolate if you are feeling sick and do not come to class. 

Let’s Work Together to bring this pandemic to an end.

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